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Iskra Lawrence shows off her curvy booty at the beach

10.20.2016by: Droz

I'm dubious about whether I could ever give myself over to a "love at first sight" situation. Or find myself so enamored with a woman I just met, that running off to find the nearest Vegas chapel and getting hitched right then and there would sound like a good option. I'm way too cynical and skeptical of people in general to ever do something like that. However, there are a few women out there who I suspect could make me change my mind about this. Brit model phenom Iskra Lawrence is one of those women. I have rarely seen another women who so closely matches the image I have in my mind of my perfect woman. Just look at her on the famous Santa Monica pier doing a photoshoot the other day. Every inch of her is so where I'm at as far as the ladies go. If she had red hair, I'd probably just get up from this chair right now and run to wherever she is so I could pledge my undying love for her. Then I'd get smacked by security and wind up miserable, alone, and bleeding on the ground. Sounds like a lot of my past relationships.

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