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Iskra Lawrence pops into a pop-up store wearing a sexy lacy bodysuit

02.08.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Thank heavens for the thicker models of the world, including 26-year old Brit, Iskra Lawrence, who has been popping up all over the place since she made waves in April of last year for shutting down trolls who referred to her as a "fat cow" by posing in her bra & panties, covered in bags of potato chips. (Or "crisps," since that's what they call them in the UK.) At a size 14, Iskra is pretty much on par for the average size for both the states and over in England, she's more a representative of the girl-next-door who literally lives next door to you than any of those types who get the phrase slung around them. I love that Lawrence seems to eschew the Kardoucheian level of makeup, appearing at this Aerie pop-up store with a shiny forehead because, well, average women sweat as well. And honestly, do you guys really like all of that contouring overkill makeup? At some point, if you're not posing on the red carpet or for a fashion magazine spread, doesn't it look clownish to you? At least with Iskra (and the rest of us "average" women), what you see is really what you get, no trophy wife surprises down the road.
Source: Daily Mail


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