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Iskra Lawrence gets my vote for Woman of the Year

11.15.2016by: Droz

While we're on the subject of Women of the Year, lets take in some pics of a woman who will probably be one of my picks for our WotY selections next month. Attention directed toward British model and thickness aficionado Iskra Lawrence has really picked up this year as her popularity begins to spread beyond the confines of her island nation and into the world as a whole. You can see why she's as popular as she is when you look at her choice of dress as this Glamour event. That's just an obscene amount of ass for an Englishwoman. They've pretty much got giant tits all locked up over there, but around back they tend to lag. Iskra clearly has something to say about this supposed deficiency in ass girth. Throw into that mix her very much English sweet cheeks face with the dimples and the pouty lips, and you have as near to marrying material as any woman could be for this news editor. I can't think of anything more I'd need in a wife than what Iskra offers up on her ample plate.

Source: GotCeleb


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