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Isabelle Fuhrman, the creepy little girl from ORPHAN, grew up rather nicely

11.30.2015by: Cherry Liquor
All these young kids growing up can make you feel old. Sure, back in 2009, when Isabelle Fuhrman creeped us all out in her first big role as the main character Esther in the horror film, ORPHAN, she seemed a helluva lot older than she was. And as one of the meanest tributes from THE HUNGER GAMES, Clove, she continued that arc of ass-kicking psychopath quite well. Now, with a reoccurring role in the most recent season of "Masters of Sex," and being minted an adult when she turned 18 back in February of this year, Fuhrman is showing off her not-so-little sexiness with a photoshoot by Sal Owen. I'm not sure how I feel about the images. They're so aggressive, it's intimidating but in a hot sorta way. Isabelle just finished up work on the Kevin Connolly (E!) directed drama, DEAR ELEANOR, co-starring Jessica Alba and will appear in the big screen adaptation of the Stephen King novel, CELL, come next year. Yes, we have our Alice, even if the film ultimately did not get directed by Eli Roth, the first guy to try and get the rights to adapt the book. The film will also feature the talents of Samuel L Jackson and John Cusack. 
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