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Isabeli Fontana does an eerily convincing mannequin impression

04.01.2016by: No Cool Handle

I've been on the prowl for Isabeli Fontana photos ever since her controversial, underage Victoria's Secret debut; there's something about lanky Brazilian babes that keeps my interest. So when I realized she just did an entire spread dedicated to modeling knee high f**k me boots, well let's just say, I scheduled a block of "me time." I never did get to the fun stuff - I spent the entire time creeped out over her plastic-looking skin. I'm not sure if it's because she's oiled up or because of some Photoshop fiend's diabolical scheme, but something makes these photos look as if she's doing the world's greatest mannequin impression or some mannequin is doing the world's greatest woman impression - she should audition for a guest spot on HUMANS, her artificiality is uncanny. Either way, I had to post them; mannequin or no mannequin, I'd still shamelessly grope her in some store front window.


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