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Is there such a thing as too many Hanna Davis bikini photos

01.19.2016by: No Cool Handle

Less than a week ago, I posted only five stills from Hannah Davis's current bikini outing – even I felt a little shortchanged and/or unsatisfied. The quality wasn't that great and it just didn't feel like enough. I chalked it up to them being a precursor to better things to come. And while you still have to wait for the professional set this photo shoot will soon provide, here's a high-quality bundle of behind-the-scenes awesomeness. More angles, more anatomy and more sexiness; I'm convinced that a photo of Hannah Davis I wouldn't post, doesn't exist. I hope my unfailing commitment to consistently bring you current, revealing images of this super babe doesn't feel like oversaturation. I hope, like me, you consider there to be no such thing. Photos of her are like oxygen; the minute I start being deprived of the much-needed amounts, I become lightheaded, dizzy and overcome with dread that I may not live to see the next day. How's that for melodramatic?

Source: Celeb Fan Forum


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