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Is there anything greater than Kaley Cuoco's thighs?

01.30.2017by: No Cool Handle

I love it when the opportunity arises to break from the usual discourse on boobs and butts to, instead, discuss and enticing pair of thighs. Kaley Cuoco may not have caught the Screen Actors Guild's attention by flexing her acting muscles, but the flexing of her Sartorius muscle will not go unnoticed. The bit of definition that shows itself every time Kaley takes a step forward, calls to me – in a way even her surgically enhanced breast never could. Those toned totems of temptation are the result of many hours spent contorting in yoga class. Oddly enough, it makes me think about the future of interactive entertainment, when VR can not only visually place you in a different space but provide the feel of it, as well. This will pave the way for the kind of simulators that allow all people to experience the feeling of having Kaley's legs wrapped around their waist. If you thought videogames were addictive before...  just wait until some perverted genius makes this shit happen.

Source: NS4W


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