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Is there a better word than perfect to describe Katya Elise Henry's ass?

10.26.2016by: No Cool Handle

In case you need a little back story on Katya Elise Henry – may I suggest you brush up by visiting her social media featurette? There you'll find much of what you need to know, that Katya – while not a "movie hottie" by definition – is another one of those prevalent byproducts of social media: The hottie fitness guru. One gander at those glutes and you'll see why; it's simple math, really. One set of washboard abs + 10% body fat (6% of which is stored in her ass cheeks) + half a dozen social media accounts + thousands of provocative imagery spread across those accounts = a sexual force of hard-bodied goodness to be reckoned with. Take a look at the latest set of pics to be posted and you'll see that the alluring Latina has remained unwavering when it comes to feeding her ambition to possess the best ass ever seen on the Internet – all while starving everything else.

Source: Instagram


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