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Is it too late for a Christmas present from Melissa Debling?

01.05.2017by: No Cool Handle

When celebrating Christmas with family and friends, does your mind ever wander? For instance: instead of sitting there in some shitty Christmas sweater, listening to kinsfolk argue over petty nonsense, have you ever thought about what you would be doing under preferred Yuletide conditions? Like cozying up by the fire next to a enormous pair of British bags, attached to an equally bubbly blonde. While the majority of us are stuck playing the hand we were dealt, Melissa Debling released a Christmas shoot to provide a better idea of what a wonderful life would look like; crisper than anything that can be seen through the foggy images of the imagination, anyway. However, this scenario won't end in typical Hollywood fashion, where the person given a glimpse of what could be realizes how good they already have it. No, this would end either with said person doing everything they can to live out the rest of their life in this tit-filled tangent, or, after being returned to reality, curled up on the floor, laying in a puddle of their own tears.

Click the source link after the pictures to see uncensored.

Source: NS4W


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