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Ironically, Milana Vayntrub's comic spread is the non-SDCC post of the day

07.25.2016by: Droz

As popular as all the Comic-Con events are, it can't be all about that stuff. So let's move away from the events down Hall H way and go in a completely different direction with some pics of my beloved Milena Vayntrub in Adweek magazine this month, playing a...comic book character. Okay, so this isn't too far removed from Comic-Con. What it is is yet more appreciation of Milana's superiority from a growing segment of the population who go starry-eyed whenever she pops her pretty little head up somewhere.

I myself actually rewatched one of her new AT&T commercials the other night, just because she looked so darling in it. This was in the middle of Mr. Robot of all things - a show during which I insist all household activity come to a complete halt. So that says a lot. Milana having a spread in Adweek magazine is also telling. She has a lot of pull on the airwaves thanks to those commercials. Although her last pic in the gallery below seems like her biting the hand that feeds her. She shouldn't get too cocky just yet. Did you know she was in the new GHOSTBUSTERS? Yeah, she played "Subway Rat Woman." That's how she's credited. You know you still have a ways to climb when your characters go by that description.

Source: Adweek


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