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Irina Shayk's ass is so nice, even she can't keep her hands off

07.21.2015by: No Cool Handle

How lucky is model/actress Irina Shayk that she can just reach around and grab two handfuls of those perfectly proportioned cheeks?  Her resume for movies she's appeared in may be limited, but there's no shortage of anatomical correctness to be noted. At first I would've just assumed Brett Ratner cast her in his adaptation of Hercules hoping that she is such a fan of his Rush Hour franchise, closing the deal would be as easy as saying you got the part. Now, I feel it's because a woman of her significant beauty would be necessary for Hercules to even consider giving up his strength.  Looking at these photos emboldens me to the point where I'd defy Hades for one night of consensual copulation.

Source: celebshome


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