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Irina Shayk wet & manhandled by Bradley Cooper

08.17.2015by: No Cool Handle

We can all take a moment to live vicariously through mega movie star Bradley Cooper. Grazing over these photos I can't help but imagine myself in his position, enjoying a vacation dedicated to the shore side groping of Irina Shayk. Giving onlookers and freelance photographers depictions of what sexual politics were like for the Neanderthals, when you can just walk up to a woman as beautiful as Irina Shayk, club her or over the head and drag her back to your cave for some primitive procreation. Check out Mr. Cooper dragging the bikini-clad beauty along the beach and that might give you a vague idea of how much fun there is to be had. Normally I try to avoid candids of hotties featuring their douche bag suitors, but putting my jealousy aside, if my future wife has to be with some guy, I guess I can live with it being Bradley Cooper. That's better than Robin Thicke.

Source: Got Celeb


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