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Irina Shayk sizzles in the September issue of Vogue Japan

07.29.2016by: Cherry Liquor
After that weird tin foil hat episode that Irina Shayk had while on vacation in Italy with actor boyfriend Bradley Cooper, one has to wonder if she's really the nutter she's beginning to come off as. The couple had also appeared at Wimbledon together looking as if they had gotten into a fight (all I really noticed was her wiping at her eyes and giving off that psycho girlfriend vibe), so there's probably some magic to her mayhem. Crazy bitches are always the best lays, it's a proven fact. As for this spread in Vogue Japan, I'm wondering where exactly it was photographed because this looks a hell of a lot more like a Vogue Mexico or Vogue Spain thing, what with the dusty pueblos and random cows in the background. Still, the shoot had enough Irina goodness to turn you Japanese, so to speak, so I'm sure the details are moot.


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