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Irina Shayk overestimated the capacity of her bikini top

08.01.2016by: Droz

I'm not sure why model Irina Shayk has been spending so much time on Sardinian beaches lately with her boyfriend, Bradley Cooper. I suppose if you're someone fortunate enough to be dating Irina or Bradley, then absconding to tropical locations for an extended amount of time is the exact sort of thing you might choose to do. While having her fun in the Sardinia sun the other day, events unfolded such that Irina either overestimated her bikini top's maximum volume limit, or underestimated the mass of her own rack. Unlike other situations where this kind of error might occur, I entirely approve of Irina's miscalculation. I wish more hotties would totally fudge the size of bikini they should be wearing. And that can be either too big or too small. It really doesn't matter. They're equally likely to fall out of either size bikini. And that's just one more thing I like about bikinis.

Source: NSFW


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