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Irina Shayk finds herself in a few bizarrely sexy outfits

03.11.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

I love seeing Irina Shayk wear strange shit. Is that a strange statement? I guess what I mean is that Irina can pull off damn near anything (especially a revealing bikini), so when she has to wear a strange dominatrix outfit with undone thigh high leather boots and no back and a weird leash thing, I enjoy seeing her still being able to pull it off. If you're confused with any of that clothing description, I tried my hardest. There's a picture below of her wearing that stuff, so you can compare it to what was written and see if I did an alright job explaining myself. Anyway, Harper's Bazaar China are the ones who picked out some interesting clothes and thought Irina would be the perfect one to throw her tight little body into all these outfits and show off the goods for the cameramen, the buyers of the magazine and, most importantly, us. It's for their March issue and if you like your Irina in tight red leather with no pants (yes, that's here, too), then I'll distract you with my words no further. Enjoy. 

Source: Got Celeb


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