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Irina Shayk and her perfect bikini body invade Mexico

04.08.2015by: Droz

Sexy Irina Shayk seemed to be having a problem yesterday as she made her way onshore on what looks like an especially windy day. All I can say is that thank goodness for offshore winds. Otherwise she might have been able to get that shawl or whatever it is around her fine ass far sooner than she did, which would have robbed us of all these nice views of her sexy body. Moments like these prove why Irina and those like her in the modelling biz get the big bucks. It's a pretty rare thing for humans to look so good that they could stumble into a bikini photoshoot and look like they belong there. Most of us have to contend with a bevy of stretch marks, moles or scars or fat rolls or whatever that makes us unsuitable for mass media distribution. Irina, as you can see, is pretty much imperfection free. I'm sure that doesn't happen without a certain degree of effort and expense on her part, but it's still an impressive thing, most especially for someone on the edge of 30 like Irina. Good stuff.

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