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Ireland Baldwin was at the Victoria's Secret show & I don't know how we missed it

11.18.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Children of famous celebs need to stick together. While on the pink carpet at the Victoria's Secret fashion show taping last week, daughter of Robin Wright and Sean Penn, Dylan Penn came to the rescue of Ireland Baldwin the statuesque daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger as she suffered a shoe malfunction. It's nearly hard to believe that both of the gorgeous offspring are models, with the crazy difference in height (Dylan is 5'7", short by comparison with other models, and Ireland is a towering 6'2", even taller than her father) but the girls weren't on duty when they attended the show. At times, Ireland looks devastatingly like her mother but recently she's been shying away from having her hair blonde, perhaps to avoid the obvious comparison. As for her career, while it looked as if she might be getting into movies, with small roles in GRUDGE MATCH, it seems as if Ireland might have to attend to her personal demons. She took a checked into a California drug & alcohol rehab facility earlier this year but checked out after only 3 weeks, claiming that she went in only for stress-related issues. The glazed expression she wears here might be telling a different story. 
Source: Daily Mail


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