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Ireland Baldwin puts her milky white hotness to work selling water

03.30.2017by: Cherry Liquor
After pondering what her uncle Stephen thinks about her cousin Haley doing a bathroom themed photoshoot, I suppose Ireland Baldwin wanted to give daddy Alec a reason to call up and leave another irate voicemail, although this has to be the tamest photoshoot I've seen so far from 138 Water. And that's including the one they did with the other Hollywood offspring, Ava Sambora. I happen to love the fact that Ireland isn't a hard body, carrying a softness to her that is so infrequently seen in models these days, kids of famous people or no. She's a tall one, at 6'2", so she can stand to have an extra piece of bacon at breakfast and overall it adds up to juicier T&A, so I'm always surprised when I see people commenting that she's "thick." If anything, what I tend to notice more about these kids of beautiful 80's & 90's stars is that they're all a little off center from their parents' collective hotness. Not quite as hot as their moms or dads, but still attractive nevertheless. I've yet to see a celeb's kid who surpasses their moms or pops in beauty, although I am partial to Dan Levy because, well, Dad's sense of humour AND eyebrows? Yum!
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