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Ireland Baldwin gets playful for an Aladdin Ishmael photo shoot

10.28.2016by: No Cool Handle

What is it about watching a grown woman rolling around on the floor in her underwear? It's not an activity you instantly associate with sexy because it's something the family pet or little kids normally engage in. But Aladdin Ishmael brought his vision of Ireland Baldwin, contorting on a hotel room floor, to fruition – a welcome addition to his 'My Hotel Room' book. (Even if you have but a passing interest in hottie gawking, chances are you've seen this guys work.) Every time I come across an Ireland Baldwin shoot I can't help but feel her outgoing demeanor stems from a need to prove something. This girl came right out the gate with one provocative shoot after the other; including topless and bottomless imagery. Is this free-spirited, sexually enlightened projection the true Ireland? Or is she trying to convince herself – and her growing fan base – that she belongs in front of the camera, not because of Hollywood nepotism but because she deserves to be? Aladdin Ishmael seems to think she deserves to be, and this guy would know.

Source: Got Celeb


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