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Interview with Jordana Brewster from Fast & Furious

04.03.2009by: JimmyO

With FAST AND FURIOUS opening this Friday, I had myself a good ‘ole time with the cast during the junket. It was held on top of the parking garage at one of my favorite movie theatres in Hollywood, The Arclight. But the strangest thing was doing a 1:1 with Jordana Brewster, and then getting camera time with her later on. And during our first interview, I found that she is a fan of this here website. A lot of people say that, but it was very clear that she knew her We talked about the site and the recent layout change. And when you start out and the interview is as comfortable as this was, you pretty much can go anywhere with it.

Of course we talked about FAST AND FURIOUS, but we also chatted about remakes. The conversation also turned on to her work on “Chuck” and a bunch of other stuff. Yeah, this was a kind of a “stuff” interview. During the conversation we talked about going to see WATCHMEN since neither of us had seen it at the time (Yes, I did finally see it). The thing is, I was a fan of Jordana back when I saw THE FACULTY, but after just getting to talk movies and whatever the hell else we talked about, I think she may be one of the most likable people I’ve ever spoken with in this business. Any business for that matter. And she is pretty damn gorgeous too. Hell, F&F is worth it just for the ladies.

Jordana Brewster

How you doing today?

Good. I’m really good. I love JoBlo.

Do you?



You guys changed the layout though.

You don’t like the new layout?

I like when I click on [something] and it goes back to the old layout [Laughing]. I’m a person of habit. It was like, ‘What is this!?’ Although it does look snazzy.

It does look cool. Although I had to get used to it too. And now I kind of like it because everything is right there. But I do think you have to get used to it.

You do. I couldn’t find, like f*ckin’ Movie Hotties… and now it is clear to me. It takes me awhile.

I’m happy that you dig our site, that is awesome.

Yeah, it’s a really good site.

Now we must of course talk about FAST AND FURIOUS? Why did you come back?

Well I loved doing the first one and I felt like I was kind of in a daze. It was really early in my career and I was going back to school and I said… okay… I had no idea what the movie was going to be and I kind of took it for granted while we were shooting it. And then, all of a sudden, it exploded and I was at school so I didn’t really, fully get to enjoy everything that was happening. And then the second I heard that they were making it, I asked my agent to stalk them. I really wanted to be a part of it. I was actually bummed that I wasn’t in the second. But Vin [Diesel] wasn’t in it and as his sister, it didn’t make sense story wise for me to come in. And also the fact that Justin [Lin] was directing. I love him.

Yeah, you’ve worked together before [In ANNAPOLIS]…

Yeah, he’s a really, really cool guy. So I would’ve felt like I was really missing out if I wasn’t a part of it. So I kind of jumped on the bandwagon.

Well to me it seemed like the official sequel in many ways.

That’s what they are saying. That’s why they call it Fast and Furious… ‘cause I had to ask. I got so confused about the chronology of it. Like what are we… but yeah it’s like we’re the second.

Did you have much input in the character this time.

Sometimes I can be very old school and be like, listen to the director and I’ll do what he says, unless he’s a total…


Yeah and he doesn’t know what the hell he is saying. I’m not one of those actresses that need to talk about it for hours. But Justin’s actually really open and I wasn’t giving him the performance he wanted because I was being whiny and… you know, all the scenes with Paul I wanted to, like cry, ‘You bastard, why did you leave me?’ Like I was carrying all that emotional stuff and he was like, no no no, you’re tough and this guy left you but you’ve got your shit together. So that was really fun. And I didn’t really do that in the first one, in the first one I was kind of like, Vin’s sister just being the shadow and playing the girl. So yeah, it was more fun to play the woman.

That must have been tough to be doing the original Fast and the Furious and still be going to school.

It wasn’t because I focused totally on school. Other than like, taking a summer off and going to LA for spring break. I couldn’t take three years off and come back and remember how to write a paper. I just had to keep going which is why I took those years off and did it. But I’m glad I did it.

What was your major?


Where did you go to school?


Oh my God, I feel dumber already [Laughing]…

[Laughing] At least you didn’t pull the, ‘Oh you did? Aha! It doesn’t seem like it.’

No, honestly, you seem smart to me so… [Laughing] because you love JoBlo so how could you not be?

How could I not right? I’d be retarded not to.

Now if F&F becomes a big success, which it seems like it might… I mean the action sequences are awesome… but is this a place you want to come back to?

Yeah, I love fun, huge movies. I really do. I love… like I would’ve killed to be in something like WATCHMEN and to work with Zack Snyder. I think people need… like when I did Chainsaw [The Beginning], I loved making that kind of movie. Which is fun and purely for escapism… yeah, I’m never going to say no to something…

I think you should be in more horror films. [Referencing my THE BURNING shirt] I love horror movies.

Yeah, they’re awesome.


I don’t know The Burning.

You’ve never seen The Burning?


You need to see it…

But then would you want them to remake it or no?

Uhhh… nah… [with a sort of grimace on my face]

You get really upset at that?

Well, usually yes, but I’ve got mixed feelings lately because the last few movies I saw that were remakes, I enjoyed. I loved MY BLOODY VALENTINE, I loved LAST HOUSE and I liked FRIDAY THE 13th…

That’s my husband’s movie [Andrew Form]. I should say that so you’re not like, ‘I f*cking hate that movie!’.

No, I gave it a good review actually. But I went in looking at it as another sequel and I had a blast.

Oh cool.

I’m one of the guys that liked it… you should know that as a fan of JoBlo [Laughing]…

But you guys picked MY BLOODY VALENTINE over that and it was like, what the hell [Laughing]… we were having breakfast watching it and we were like, ‘What?’ [Laughing] We kinda got upset about that.

Yeah, I did actually like it better… sorry.

But did you like TORQUE more than FAST AND THE FURIOUS?

F*ck no.


So what is next for you after F&F? Obviously you are going to do the press thing…

Yeah, we’re gonna go to Europe on Sunday. Um… I don’t know. I want to find something really fun doing “Chuck” and that was a more comedic role and she was smart…

Is that something you’re going to come back to… you did three?

Absolutely. I did three and I did one more. But yeah, that was a great cast and I had a lot of fun on that.

Do you prefer doing series television as opposed to film?

It’s weird because I go back and forth so much. I love doing movies. TV… there is so much good TV on cable too, like “Big Love”. I love that show.

I’ve never seen it.

It’s just ridiculously good. So I think in terms of the amount of acting you get to do, there is way more on television.

It also seems that TV is a better quality of work for actresses…

Yeah, there really are. Rose Byrne kills it on “Damages”. But I think it is just about the character and the cast and having fun and finding something good. But I like both mediums, I really do. I could go back and forth.



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11:27PM on 04/04/2009
I wasn't much of a Brewster fan before this interview...That's changed after reading it =)
I wasn't much of a Brewster fan before this interview...That's changed after reading it =)
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1:07AM on 04/04/2009
Jordana is hot and beautiful indeed.
Jordana is hot and beautiful indeed.
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Please email me when someone replies to my comment
10:27PM on 04/03/2009
I like Jordana even more after this interview.
I like Jordana even more after this interview.
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