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Instagram hottie Nicole Williams packs plenty of fanny

03.25.2016by: Droz

Nicole Williams is another sexy gold nugget dug up from that gold rush like source of hot models otherwise known as Instagram. If only gold was as easily uncovered as fine ass women on that site, we'd all be millionaires. Fortunately Nicole's strategy for getting noticed by folks like you and me is to bring along her own personal paparazzi while getting in some hiking in LA canyons. Opinions seems to vary on the stylistic merits of the fanny pack. I've always looked at them as the staple of oblivious older people who persist in wearing unsettlingly tight clothes. Women like Nicole seem to be taking back this mixed message fashion attire. It works for her. But then I don't think there's anything that could look bad wrapped around an ass like this.

Instagram Hottie Nicole Williams

Source: GotCeleb


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