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Instagram hottie Elizabeth Zaks makes miracles happen with her booty

01.23.2017by: Droz

If you're a lover of the big, round butts like me, Instagram truly is a playground of wonders for you. One can find all sorts of women on there documenting in exquisite detail the lengths they go on a daily basis to grow themselves the maximum booty that's come back into fashion in recent years. Time was having the sort of ass Elizabeth Zaks here endlessly brags on via selfies, was a burdensome thing. Asses like this used to evoke thoughts of shame and envy for other women of a much flatter physique. Now women increasingly subject themselves to endless reps of painful-looking workout regimens just to plump up their backsides. Doesn't surprise me women like Elizabeth are still something of a rarity in this world, but neither is it a big shock to see their numbers growing - not with results like those below to show for all that hard work.

Source: Instagram


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