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Instababe Yovanna Ventura has a body that defies belief

01.20.2017by: No Cool Handle

Y​ovanna Ventura is yet another breadcrumb in that long trail which ultimately leads back to Justin Bieber; another link in the chain; another notch in the old belt. One thing you gotta give the Biber... the guy's got impeccable taste. Yovanna has since used that Dominican dumper to rise in Internet polarity. This gives hope to many young prospects who are lacking in talent and marketable skills. Despite those troublesome shortcomings, there is still a possible path to fame. If you have the ass for it, you too can be dubbed a celebrity by Justin Bieber he has the power to make it happen with a one wave of his magic wand. To be honest, Yovanne could have cracked 3 million followers on Instagram without the aid of a celebrity connection. You could say she's so f**kin' sexy, she's achieved her bit of fame in spite of unfortunate ties. Here's another photo set that will remind you how unfair and imbalanced life truly is.

Source: Instagram


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