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Instababe Bri Teresi shows an abundance of Christmas spirit

12.19.2016by: No Cool Handle

Bri Teresi – an Instagram model with a strong following – took it upon herself to sexy up the Christmas season a little bit (there's been a curious lack of hotties doing the whole sexy Santa thing this year), with a festive little shoot; one that nicely showcases her Yuletide bust. Besides passing on the opportunity to stuff few of those candy canes between them boobs, Bri made sure to exhibit the favorites – boobs, butt, midriff and legs. The results were hot enough to give this relatively unknown a deserved moment of recognition. The self-proclaimed "Snap Chat Queen" has been trying to gain traction in the mass-notoriety department for some time but is still most commonly known among horny frat guys; which is something considering how many horny frat guys there are. These images aren't exactly a genuine Christmas miracle, though they may have you wanting to stuff more than your stocking.

Source: NS4W


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