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Ines Sainz returning to NFL Sidelines...Brett Favre changes texting plan to unlimited in response

10.15.2010by: Lester Diamond
For all you NFL loving movie fans out there, sexually harassed Mexican Television NFL reporter (sounds funny just typing that) Ines Sainz will be returning to NFL sidelines to do more jiggly...I mean QUALITY journalism. For those not familiar with the incident, Ines caused a stir with sexual harassment allegations while attempting to interview NY Jets players. Apparently, players were cat calling and over throwing balls towards her vicinity during practice, as well as making lewd comments in the team locker room. This event kick started a huge discussion about player conduct in the NFL that still rages today with the "sexting" allegations recently directed towards Brett Favre. However, most people seem to forget we're talking about a sport with many "performance enhanced" athletes (God bless them for the entertainment they provide on a Sunday) and fans that attend games as sober as Lindsay Lohan at court proceedings. I'm not saying this kind of behavior is ok, I'm just saying....should any of us really be surprised?

Looking at the pictures of Ines, I don't have a doubt the allegations are 100% true. The woman looks like she walked off the set of Jay-Z's BIG PIMPIN video. I don't think she can wear a regular set of jeans without making at least 5 men look towards the heavens and suddenly believe in a higher power (after staring at her as long as possible of course). She's one of those women you elbow a friend to turn around and look at, or they elbow you harder if you didn't give them the heads up first. That being said, Ines will return to interview Pittsburg Steeler's players next week (Ben Roethlisberger is probably flanking himself with nuns as we speak) and will then get back on the horse to interview the NY Jets once again. To her credit, Ines claims she will be staying away from NFL locker rooms moving forward. Let's see if the locker rooms can promise to stay away from her now.


Extra Tidbit: Mexican Television can be the equivalent of MAXIM magazine. I remember watching Mexican "children's programming" as a child and feeling "funny" in places I had no idea existed at the time.
Source: Yahoo Sports


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