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06.18.2010by: Cherry Liquor

I sued to have the biggest crush on Han Solo when I was a little girl. Let me be very clear when I say that my crush was on HAN SOLO because I didn't know who the hell Harrison Ford was, being that as a small child I was dumb enough (like most of the world's children) to believe that the characters in movies and television were real and not make-believe acted out by some real-life person.

I've since read that Ford is a big pot-head who's far too much of a cranky-pants if he's legitimately a pot-head. He also hooked up with Calista Flockheart, the skinny chick who gained most of her fame for losing almost her entire body mass while shooting that "Ally McBeal" show. The two have been together for about 8 years and Ford even has helped raise her adopted son, which includes a long-standing gossip tidbit that he once went to buy the kid diapers and when asking where they were located in the store, was directed to the Depends section by an employee.

Ford is 67 years old, 22 years Flockheart's senior. Still, I can't get too riled up over the age difference since the "age is just a number" thing really only applies when some douche is trying to justify why he's allowed to live with Miley Cyrus. Bottom line? I'm kinda happy for the old farts.

Source: DListed
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