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Indulge some whipped cream dreams with Melissa Debling

03.07.2017by: No Cool Handle

​Melissa Debling is a British babe who knows her audience. The strawberries and whipped cream bit is a time-honored fantasy (the beauty of it is the simplicity), but the overwrought way in which it's been continually done has turned it into a scarcely used photo shoot theme, of late. It takes a truly beautiful and extremely busty babe to take it back to basics, and breathe new life into something as simple as covering your nipples with the creamy treat. The sight of Melissa topping off the tip of a red strawberry by scooping a bit of cream off her enormous boob – only to then wrap her lips in a very suggestive fashion around said strawberry – is truly something to behold. The stimulation factor of these images is off the f**king charts, and may cause you to struggle with the sheer desperation they inspire. And if you're not desperate to in some way, anyway, win Melissa Debling's affection, something is utterly wrong. I'd do whatever it takes.

Source: redditegotastic


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