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Indulge in some Selena Gomez trailer park fantasy

02.08.2016by: No Cool Handle

I can appreciate how hard it is to be artistically inspired. So when a magazine like Love is scraping the bottom of the creative barrel, I can't not acknowledge it, but I can forgive them for it. It's easy to fall into a rut with someone like Selena Gomez. Someone who has been photographed from every angle - and in every half-assed theme - imaginable; see her last W magazine pictorial for another example. Even though we get enough skin here to warrant some attention, there's something curious about staging a sexy spread in a trailer. Are they taking a jab at elitist fantasy? Thing kind where you f#*k the unattainable on your fantasy yacht, right before you fly to your penthouse in your private helicopter because that's where the good caviar you want to eat out of her ass is. Who thinks? - man I would love to uncomfortably copulate with this Latina hottie on my stained covered, twin sized mattress right before I drive her, on my four wheeler, to my buddy Bill's trailer because he has a fridge full of the sardines I like to eat out of her ass but can't afford.

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