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India Reynolds keeps the Page 3 hottie spirit alive with new lingerie shoot

02.24.2016by: Cherry Liquor
We tend to stay away from some of the raunchier shoots that come out of the UK, mainly because Zoo magazine was a dick once about sharing some pics from one of their issues. So it's nice to get a chance to post some new images of India Reynolds, a gorgeous naturally busty brunette who was discovered when she won a Page 3 contest in 2009. I wonder what the hell they put in the milk across the pond to grow so many women with well endowed chestal regions. Reynolds puts out a calendar every year to help subsidize whatever the hell her personal life includes (there's frustratingly little about her on the web outside of the satisfying amount of T&A you can click to) and slips in shoots like this one for London Lingerie. It's also nice to see a model of this caliber to have had the good sense to limit her tattoos to something that looks like a lacy pattern on her hip rather than be covered like a fridge in the home of a toddler. Yet another thing the Brits excel at over us Yanks.
Source: Superior Pics


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