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Inbar Lavis' chesty photos from Cliche Magazine

10.08.2015by: No Cool Handle

It's never not a curious thing when a woman with a mug like this flies under the radar. It's not like she hasn't been around; she's appeared in Sons of Anarchy, Castle, gang-related (the series), and she had a leading role in the MTV series Underemployed. Surely the kosher beauty Inbar Lavis should have grabbed my attention long before today? Nope. I even went back and clicked through her back catalog and don't recall ever seeing her before – I don't watch MTV. Rest assured, the moment I saw these photos of her in cliche magazine (another seemingly random periodical; who reads all these?), I'm in a Zen like state of awareness towards all things Inbar. She is a supremely beautiful, and slightly generous, young star. I say slightly because, although we get to see a good 26% of her all natural chest bumps, she didn't give us a real good look at her ass – that's important whether it's covered or not. Being relatively unknown (at least by me), she needs to give everybody a good assessment of her curves right out of the gate. Oh well; minor infraction. Just try to bear that in mind for any future pictorials.

Source: hawtcelebs


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