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Inbar Lavi was pretty at Paleyfest for Prison Break screening

03.31.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I think I might have found a flaw with Inbar Lavi. The tattoo on the back of her right shoulder that she showed off at 2017 PaleyFest for the new Prison Break screening looks like something scratched straight out of a women's prison. The little fairy? angel? wood sprite? does not have the color and pop that the actress herself exhibits and while I know that it's not a temporary, I would hope someone could hook her up with Lake Bell's hubby (Scott Campbell, a master with ink on skin) to punch that shit up a bit. Especially if she's going to keep the smile on her face while surrounded by the sausage party going on for this screening. Lavi certainly isn't the only woman on the production, with original cast member Sarah Wayne Callies returning in her role of Dr Sara. I can't say I've watched the show because I suck and don't manage to watch everything you all do, but who knows? Inbar certainly has a tempting appeal.
Source: Got Celeb


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