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Ina Raymundo is the fittest mother of five to ever grace an FHM cover

11.06.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Where I've grown up, I've met, befriended and worked with a large number of Filipinas but none that look like actress Ina Raymundo. I was casually looking through images to use for a post when I stumbled upon the November 2015 issue of FHM Philippines when I thought, "Hey, this chick is hot," and I noticed that the magazine was claiming she was going to turn 40, which impressed me even more. After a little digging, I was left confused because different sources claim she's 37 while others say she's 40. But still, while I was looking that info on her up, the one thing they all seemed to point to is that she's a mother to FIVE kids. It was unclear to me if she'd given birth to all of them (in one interview, she stated that she learned to eat more cleanly after she developed gestational diabetes while pregnant with her first child) but still - DAYUM! This lady looks amazing! I also agree with her stance on the photoshoot, where she stated that being sexy "...doesn't necessarily mean you have to show skin." I agree when it comes to these pics. Not a ton of skin but sexy as all hell.
Source: FHM


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