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In clothes or bikinis, there's no hiding the tremendous curves of Daphne Joy

03.11.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I can appreciate a good-looking, fit woman without needing to get into her personal drama, but it's a bit unavoidable when it comes to model Daphne Joy. The former girlfriend and baby mama of rapper 50 Cent has been causing the sometimes actor, falsely "bankrupt" performer grief after going public with her new boyfriend, singer Jason Derulo. Back in January, 50 apparently got so mad about the situation, he deleted all of the images of his son from Joy off of his social media account (he should have been more concerned about that pic of him posing with stacks of bills spelling out "broke" while in the middle of his bankruptcy trial). For her part, Daphne seems to have stayed quiet on the situation while she flew off to Mexico to snuggle up to Derulo and show off that insane figure of hers. Some complain that she's fake but even if she hadn't bought those boobs, the fact that she's that fit after having a kid is still damned impressive, so at least give props where they're due.
Source: Daily Mail


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