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In case you missed it, Elle Fanning joined the league of legal hotties

05.05.2016by: Cherry Liquor
The MET Costume Gala is one of those events that's a big deal in the world of fashionable female celebrities (and even some of the more ostentatious dudes too), making it one of the best places for a newly turned 18-year old to strut her now legal stuff. Dakota's little sister, Elle Fanning turned the double decade minus two back on April 9th and showed off a bit while walking the red carpet in New York on Monday night, including taking time to flash a little breast plate on her SnapChat before arrivals. She also made kissy faces with Rita Ora before finishing the night up in a pose pervy dudes everywhere dream of, leaning over her sister's lap with a beckoning pale neck and hint of armpit. I don't have anything against chicks with minimal cup sizes but I can't quite refer to that as a sideboob.


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