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In case Kate Hudson wasn't getting enough attention, she wore this purple number

05.23.2016by: No Cool Handle

Just when I was enjoying my brief hiatus from swooning over Kate Hudson, she has to go and wear this purple number; leaving me in a position to be no less than shamed if ignored. Reason dictates we would have seen Goldie Hawn's spawn reach the pinnacle of her attention-getting career way back when she was accepting awards for her role in ALMOST FAMOUS. But I think we've seen more of her, and her awesome body, in the past six months than ever before. It seems as though while we are all flowing forward through time, the current takes exception to this enduring MILF, figuratively sending her on a reversed trajectory, in regards to both her career and her age - she's never looked sexier and never been more ubiquitous. This leaves us with the question: How much longer can she keep this up before time returns to it's usual, unforgiving self, and sees her governed by the same regulations of the universe we all are?

Source: Got Celeb


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