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I'm really beginning to question if Bella Thorne is Winona Ryder's secret lovechild

02.05.2016by: Cherry Liquor
When Johnny Depp changed his tattoo from Winona Forever to Wino Forever, we simply assumed that he was cheekily referring to his lush status and distancing himself from the relationship that didn't run eternal. Now, after looking at pictures of Bella Thorne promoting her Miss Me spring fashion line, I am left to wonder if the pair had a hookup sometime around the 1997 new year (Thorne was born in early October of that year) after breaking off their engagement in 1993. After all, this is what Winona Ryder looked like in that strawberry blonde wig she wore in 1990's EDWARD SCISSORHANDS:

Seriously, I cannot look at Bella without thinking about Winona in that wig. The two have identical doe brown eyes, lush lips and creamy perfect complexions. It would turn that 2001 shoplifting arrest of Ryder's into something more plausible: girl had crazy brain from having given up her secret lovechild. Yeah... I like my conspiracy theory. Someone call Maury!

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