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I'm Open to more Mexican models like Carolina de la Torre

06.01.2015by: Cherry Liquor
She did a sorta creepy WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? themed spread for Playboy Mexico back in April of this year but I think I might prefer Carolina de la Torre with her clothes on if it means I can avoid oddly Photoshopped nipples. There's not a whole lot of accessible information on the Mexican model and while these images from Open magazine show that she's got plenty to be talking about, I can't seem to find even an age for her. She refers to herself as an actress/model on her Twitter account but that could mean just about anything and her IMDB resume isn't showing current or past projects. That said, she's a good looking woman with a great body and I find myself wondering if she has that catchy, breathy quality of voice like Mexican actresses before her. That is something I could definitely get behind, on the off chance any casting directors are listening.
Source: Got Celeb


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