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I'm No Lesbian!

07.17.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Selma Blair claims that because she's had a few lesbian scenes in movies, she's now a target for the carpet-munching set. She recently told New York Daily News that “I have done three girl-on-girl kisses on-screen. And, yet, I’ve never done any (lesbian experimentation) in my real life. When lesbian friends tell me they’re in love with me after our friendship has been cemented, it always shocks me.”

Um, Selma... you're hot. Even us straight women would like to hit that. Granted, it might have something to do with you talking about your dark nipples and always rocking those fabulous 'dos, but I say grab a fork and dive in. Tacos are a delicacy.

Extra Tidbit: Who can name the first movie that Selma had famous girl-girl kiss in?
Source: ICYDK
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