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I'm always hungry for some more Zoey Deutch cuteness

10.15.2015by: Droz

What a sweetheart Zoey Deutch is for trying to help feed those hungry kids, which I guess is done in part by having her stand in front of a backdrop on a red carpet. I'm still a fuzzy on how doing this sort of thing helps these causes, but I think we can all be satiated in our hunger for Zoey for the moment. She really is a little slice of adorable hotness, particularly when she's wearing a tiny leggy number like this. I hesitate to call anyone flawless, but Zoey is pretty damn close to it. She's among those rare hotties in her business who make me feel good when I see them. She breaks out with one of those sweet smiles of hers and I can't help but smile back. It's just too bad she doesn't do more stuff I'm interested in watching. There is that DIRTY GRANDPA movie coming up, which seems to be ripping off BAD GRANDPA pretty badly (nasty old man on a road trip?) The only reason I might even consider seeing that is the fact that it's got Zoey lookin' like this:

Zoey Deutch Bikini
Okay, I'm sold on this.


Source: NSFW


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