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Iggy Azalea's nude GQ spread might explain her new bralessness

11.17.2016by: Droz

Frequently when celebs have some kind of big thing coming out, like a concert tour, or a movie, or a spread in GQ, you'll see them doing or wearing things that reference this big thing. It's this attempt at promotion which probably explains Iggy Azalea's recent flirtation with going braless. We all know from past public engagements how it's usually Iggy's outback area which gets the most attention, for obvious reasons. Now it seems like she's trying to change that by emphasizing what's going on with her front in this GQ spread. I'll be generous and admit to being impressed with how Iggy comes across here. Like many right thinking people, I despise her music to the extreme. I've also never thought of her as an especially beautiful woman. Despite this, she has the occasional moment where the later part is not as big a problem for me. This GQ spread is one of those. Obviously, as a self confessed big butt fan, it's been Iggy's ass assets keeping her in my good graces. I wish they had included more of her famous booty in this spread. Still, not a bad showing overall. I could stand to see more of Iggy presented this way.

Source: GQ


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