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Iggy Azalea took her juicy booty paddleboarding in Cabo San Lucas

01.24.2017by: Cherry Liquor
By "juicy," what I really mean is Iggy Azalea's famous posterior looked like it was smuggling wet laundry inside a pillow cover while she was out enjoying the sun in Cabo San Lucas with music producer Ljay Currie. The two were seen snuggling up on the yacht they rented for the day, albeit with a bunch of friends standing around, but by the look of him getting a soaking handful of that butt laundry, they might just be closer than Iggy is willing to disclose right now. She certainly looked peeved enough when she noticed the paps getting pictures of her in that tiny bikini but to be fair, Iggy does have a bit of a resting bitchface. I would think with the money she has and the time she's taken off recently she might have invested a little bit more in toning up, especially if she plans on playing out her assets when it comes time to tour with new music. The exercise from the paddleboarding is great and all but girlfriend might want to learn what a squat is before she ends up shelling out (more) dough for (more) plastic surgery.
Source: TMZ


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