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If you don't have Rihanna's money, she'll naked kill you

07.22.2015by: No Cool Handle

There seems to never be a shortage of opinion when it comes to Rihanna. Some drool, some slut shame, others (speaking for myself) appreciate her brazen disposition; she likes to show it, I like to look. Her latest video of violent debt collection encapsulates all the things that make people love or hate her. Attitude, drug use, nudity, repeating hooks, violence and more nudity. It also features cameos by Eric Roberts and Hannibal himself Mads Mikkelsen. Other oddities are present as well, such as an attempt at a compelling narrative and shifting aspect ratios, but the main draw here are shots of Rihanna's underwater ass, wearing a plastic see-through dress, then for a grand finale, wearing nothing but blood and bills.

Here is a link for the full NSFW video: Bitch Better Have My Money

Source: YouTube


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