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If you didn't like Amy Schumer before, her new GQ spread probably won't help

07.15.2015by: Droz

Plenty of negative responses to this week's Hot Or Not profile of comedian Amy Schumer. I suppose I can understand that. Not the traditional beauty is she. Also not one to be portrayed as eye candy that's seen and not heard, like many of those we profile here. Maybe you find that intimidating, I don't know. I kinda like a funny and smart girl, but that's just me. Whatever your thoughts on Amy, you haters will have a harder time avoiding her now, as it seems she's the new it girl du jour. So expect to hear a lot from Amy, probably in a manner that neither pulls punches or respects things some might consider sacred or off limits - like her GQ spread for August 2015, where the Inside Amy Schumer star sets her sights on Star Wars for her usual irreverent comedy stylings.

I think it's kind of funny, the whole blowing light sabers thing or the droid 3-way, but I'm not one to get so far into fanboyism that I lose my sense of humor. Lets be honest here. This spread isn't for you, the dedicated Star Wars nerd. This is for those women in your life who could care less about the tale of Luke and Leia and their tussles with the Galactic Empire. It's something for them to have a good chuckle over and in the process soothe their annoyances with your obsession. Take in stride, people. Nothing is above a little harmless ribbing.

Source: GQ


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