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If this wasn't Iggy Azalea's ass in short shorts, would you still hate it?

01.23.2015by: Droz

The division of opinion where Iggy Azalea is concerned has drawn fairly solid lines between fans and haters. However, circumstance and the strategic placement of paparazzi presented us with an intriguing experiment the other day. Iggy showed up at some place wearing these little short shorts, her butt jiggling in full as she hotfooted it up some steps in fuzzy slippers. Makes me wonder what some of those Iggy haters might be thinking, were they walking by just as the unidentified, big-assed blonde in the tiny shorts started bouncing her ass up these steps. I doubt many would turn their faces away in horror. Quite the opposite. They'd be watching those ample cheeks doing their dance just as hard as I would. I'm not sure what this proves in a scientific sense, if anything at all. It does present us with an interesting philosophical and/or physiological poser. Can one ever truly distinguish an ass from its owner, as I prefer to do where Iggy is concerned? Or must the two always be assessed as a whole? What say you?

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