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If only we could be lucky enough to pucker up to Emmy Rossum

03.18.2015by: Cherry Liquor
If there was some way in life to replace the shrill presence of Kelly Ripa with the stunning and funny Emmy Rossum, I'm sure we'd all do whatever necessary to make that possible. For the producers behind the former Regis morning show (I'm sorry, I have trouble bothering to care what they've got it titled now), it was a reality as Rossum came on to guest host with Michael Strahan as Ripa was on vacation. Then Rossum moseyed on over to the studios of Sirius Radio where she took pictures in her festive green dress and made kissy faces that only the satellite radio subscribers could properly imagine. It's a perk of the service, apparently. If you pay for Sirius, you get uncensored cussing and high definition mental images of Emmy Rossum's puss. When you come to Hotties, you've got the pictures to look at and the miscomprehension level of thinking I was referring to anything other than her mouth in that last sentence.
Source: Daily Mail


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