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If only our lips could sync up to Kaley Cuoco's taut tummy

01.27.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Holy hell Kaley Cuoco has taken the old adage of looking good being the best revenge. Her maybe-addict soon-to-be ex has got to be kicking himself right now for not kicking whatever habit he had outside of his super fit, funny wife. Kaley is appearing on the new episode of "Lip Sync Battle" on Thursday night with her THE WEDDING RINGER co-star, Josh Gad and to everyone's enjoyment, she's wearing a tiny pair of distressed jean shorts and a sports bra that highlights what a great investment that surgery of hers was. I have occasionally found the lip-sync show amusing (seeing Terrence Howard pretend to be Rick James was wonderful) and with Kaley's history of coordinating flash mobs with her castmates from "The Big Bang Theory," I think this brick house might just pull it off. And even if she can't, who wouldn't mind suffering through a half hour of this:

Source: E Online


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