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If only every day was Charlotte McKinney bending over in a bikini day

08.29.2016by: No Cool Handle

When concerning my fellow man and to be politically correct, women I like to think about the ways in which we are all alike. I take comfort in knowing, while I spend my time clicking through page after page of websites dedicated to celebrity babe watching, specifically, hoping for the next hottie captured bending over in bikini bottoms, I'm not alone. Many of my fellow global citizens out there are equally anticipating those tasty views of bikini fabric wedged up vertical smiles; brought to us by our favorite, and most outgoing, celebrity fantasy girls. Today the fantasy girl in question is Charlotte McKinney, and while these images denote the blurry characteristics of an amateur's unsteady hand, we still get those aforementioned shots. There's even some shots of this burger babe on all fours, and plenty of images that feature her most prominent assets, struggling to be withheld in that bikini top. That old figure of speech comes to mind: 10 pounds of shit a 5 pound bag. A hallmark of Charlotte McKinney bikini pics.

Source: NS4W


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