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If anyone knows how to keep a body fit it's Katrina Bowden

10.24.2016by: No Cool Handle

Something like this doesn't happen often, a total smoke show going weeks unnoticed. Apparently Katrina Bowden's work out themed photo shoot for The Chive has been out for the better part of October and yet hasn't spread like wildfire. I mean, it even has a video covering all the sexy proceedings, and f**k me if these aren't some boner inspiring shots of Katrina's carefully crafted figure – almond milk does a body good, apparently. Instead of pouring it into a blender; how hot would some shots of Katrina covering her silky smooth skin in Silk Almond Milk have been? In the off chance any respected photographer catches wind of that idea, please do your best to make it happen. The B-movie babe turned Internet fitness guru hit's a grand slam with these images, which warrants a second moment for pondering: how the hell did a photo shoot like this fly under my radar? I may have been caught slipping on this one but I'm here to make good – and I'm pretty sure once you get a good look at those awesome ass shots, you'll be inclined to forgive.

Source: The Chive


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