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If acting doesn't work out, Elle Fanning can always go work at the gym

03.20.2017by: Droz

Last week there seemed to be a glut of pics featuring Elle Fanning headed to the gym. Each day brought a new set, pretty much identical to each other in most respects. This set below is the last of those which we didn't get to on Friday, but I think we would be remiss if we didn't post anyway. I find it difficult to gauge Elle's thinking here. Most women I know tend to go into the gym in far more mundane attire. Sure, they might wear gear like Elle is wearing here for the length of whatever their workout consists of. But when it's time to leave, they cover up the tiny top and the tight leggings for the walk back to the car. So it's not unreasonable to think Elle is showing off a bit in moments like this. But then again, she doesn't seem very happy about the attention she's generating. It's a weird dichotomy suggested here. She either wants to be seen, or doesn't. Either way, we're content to look at that improbable ass any time Elle decides to show it.

Source: NSFW


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