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I'd still love to have Parker Posey as my pet

10.07.2016by: Droz

Parker Posey is one of those names I associate with specific decades, sort of like Kelly LeBrock or Linda Carter. They just bring up images of past hotness whenever their names are spoken. With Parker, I get images of DAZED AND CONFUSED and WAITING FOR GUFFMAN, as well as most of the other Christopher Guest spoof classics. GUFFMAN is my go to place for hottie Parker memories, thanks in large part to her little rendition of the classic "Teacher's Pet" which was a part of those ridiculously funny audition scenes I can't find a decent clip of anywhere because the internet sucks. Anyway, the nice thing about waxing nostalgic on Parker's hottie past is that apparently we don't need to, if this spread from Interview magazine is any indication. Girl is still looking good. Better than good. Full on hottie. How about that? It always makes me feel a little bit better to know that a few good things from my past still endure.

Source: Interview


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